Drugoretskoe field

Gabbro- diabase Drugoretskogo field is known around the world and is included in all the catalogs, the demand is constant, primarily as a raw material for the funeral products, building and finishing materials.
This deposit is unique and has no analogues on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Drugoretskoe field / Другорецкое месторождение
Drugoretskoe field
Drugoretskoe field is the only geologically explored and developed oil field block of gabbro -diabase in the territory of the Russian Federation.
Karelian gabbro- diabase has a characteristic black color, high decorative properties , characterized by qualitative properties portraits , low abrasion , high compression ratio and frost .
Metro Station — Black River, St. Petersburg
Gabbro- diabase longest of all known rock art does not lose the properties and quality of polishing.
Gabbro- diabase is used to produce a block of stone road ( paving blocks, mosaic block ) , for the production of ritual items , in the precision engineering, as well as in the construction of a ground stone , partly on bottles and rubble .
Gabbro- diabase field Drugoretskoe used in the construction of underground stations «Gorky «, » Black River ,» as well as » Obelisk Decembrists «, St. Petersburg .
станция метро Горьковская
Metro Station — Gorky, St. Petersburg 
Обелиск Декабристам
Obelisk Decembrists, St. Petersburg

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