Stone cladding

Natural stone — one of the oldest building materials used for external cladding for thousands of years: it is decorated facades and foundations of houses , «holds» the river banks , is a monument base .

It’s no secret that the cladding facades, or, in other words, the decoration of facades can completely transform the look of any building. One of the main advantages of natural stone used for cladding facades — durability of the coating. The best proof of this — and the hundreds of thousands of buildings around the world , lined with natural stone and will not change its appearance over the centuries. Another, no less important quality natural stone — its beauty . It is difficult to name another finishing material , which would be so harmoniously combined the rigor and glamor , elegance and monumentality . City, buildings which are lined with natural stone , finds its own unique «face» . However , natural stone is not only used in the decoration of the city’s buildings , embankments and bridges. It is equally important field of application is a private building . In this case, natural stone acts not only as a decorative material , and being as a symbol , wealth , robustness , reliability . Private homes, in the internal and external decoration which used natural stone, every year it becomes more and more. This is not surprising . After all , if the technology of laying stone facing will serve virtually forever .

Facing the building with natural stone is very popular today . Facing the facades and interiors of the house and turns ordinary spaces into works of art, linking together the architectural design , craftsmanship and beauty of nature.

Natural stone cladding — the only building material that can rightfully be called «eternal» , as a symbol of strength, durability and beauty. Due to the nature of every shade of color and every vein in stone are different , each piece is unique and unique. Facing stone facades allows you to create original exteriors of buildings . The perception of the architectural structure greatly affect the color and texture of the rocks , for example , facing the stone facades of dark material gabbro -diabase looks monumental and velichistvenno .

Stone cladding / Камень для облицовки
Stone cladding / Камень для облицовки

Furthermore, important textured hewing , depending on its facade cladding may be made of stone slabs :

Polished — High gloss , a clear reflection of subjects , with no trace of the previous processing operations ;
smooth matt ( , polished ) — without a trace of processing the previous operation and with full identifying pattern stone;
polished — a uniformly rough surface with traces of processing obtained only by grinding , with the roughness of the relief up to 0.5 mm ;
Sawing — rough , uneven terrain with the roughness up to 2 mm — treated with ultrasound revealed the color and pattern of the stone;
heat-treated — rough surface with traces of peeling ;
point ( buchardovannyh ) — uniformly roughened surface with a roughness of terrain height of 5 mm.
Increasingly popular is facing facades stone texture » rock» , which mimics the natural cleavage with random rock hollows and mounds without tool marks , the height of the relief of 50-200 mm .

Stone cladding / Камень для облицовки
Stone cladding / Камень для облицовки

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